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Creativity & Joy in Just 15 Minutes/Day

-- It's Simple But Not Easy --

Creating a step-by-step plan to get your creative work out into the world is probably easier than you think, but it does require focus, and some structured effort.

In your 365 Club Pro Membership, you'll get access to exclusive insights and darling-I've-been-there advice from me and my other expert friends who've actually DONE IT themselves.

This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high-impact training at a civilized pace, and it's all about getting solid results.

I am going to work with you to build your business and improve your life.

Your business may be starting off acorn-sized, but with daily attention, it can grow into a strong, life-giving oak tree.

If you already have a nice biz going . . . cool. But I bet you could still use help with the mindset, marketing and money stuff, and I'll show you the fastest, most effective ways I know to grow (that do NOT involve expensive pay-per-click, elaborate SEO strategies or blogging your brains out).

You'll discover how to make your content, your story, and your message more engaging than your favorite novel . . . even if you cringe at selling and abhor self-promotion.

We also spend a lot of time talking about:

- the spiritual truth about money
- prayer and meditation
- peaceful ways to succeed


Crafting Your 10k Offer

I want you to get your work out into the world in a way that feels GREAT to you.

So....what's YOUR 10k dream?

Do you want to make $10k?
Would you like to charge $10k per speaking engagement (like me)?
Maybe you want to grow your list by 10k ideal prospects?

Perhaps you want to write 10k words of your book?
Or sing 10k songs?
Or get 10k kittens adopted?

WHATEVER your dream of creative success is, I want to help you get there.

I'm not trying to put on you a treadmill.

I know from personal experience that success is JOURNEY to be ENJOYED.

So whatever your goal is - we'll work together to make sure you get there.


Here are some of the goals that previous clients have achieved:

- completed book proposal (and got published, too!)

- created a successful podcast

- doubled coaching fees

- found greater clarity, purpose and joy

- grew email list from zero to several thousand raving fans

- started offering (profitable!) workshops

- reinvigorated performing career and now doing regular shows (this person is over 70 years old!)


So...what's YOUR dream?

Don’t Take My Word For It

You will get off to a quick start because everyone’s time involved is valuable.
You will get your investment back in income and/or education.
You will learn things that you haven’t even imagined yet.
You will become a better, faster decision-maker.
You won’t be alone in your craft, art, goals, big ideas, and wins.
You will learn how to fail forward fabulously.
You will be surrounded by beautiful, generous, talented folks. 

Angie McIntyre

CEO, Angie Mc Now


After living on this planet for over 50 years I finally found the right group for business, productivity, personal satisfaction and creativity.

Sam has addressed issues and answered questions that have kept me stuck for years!

Regan Wilders

CEO, The Wilders Group

I had no idea that joining would be like sticking my finger in an electrical socket that brings me new ideas, motivation and energy every day.
I knew this was an investment in myself, but I didn't expect the return on that investment to hit so quickly and enormously.
The universe truly does respond when you take the leap.

Barbara Jacksha

Writer & Spiritual Explorer,

NOTE: The testimonials on this page do not constitute a promise or guarantee of success. As with everything, your results will depend entirely on you. Right? Right. Thanks.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Your 365 Club Pro Annual Membership

(note: you get all this AFTER the $1 trial)

  • YOU GET BRAND-NEW TRAININGS: A new LIVE call every single week with specialized teaching, from-the-trenches insights and lots of opportunities to ask Sam questions and get personalized feedback. Scheduled topics include:
    • The "10k Is Closer Than You Think" Process: How to create the business that gives you all the MONEY, FUN and FREEDOM you want (without getting all stressed out).
    • The "Sell Something Wonderful" Process: Sam's UNIQUE SYSTEM to design and market products and services that people LOVE will make you swoon when you see how easy it is.
    • The "Honey, You've Gotta Write a Book" Process: Secrets to WRITING & PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK (traditional and/or self-publishing). Even a short ebook can establish you as an authority and help you grow you business. Sam's step-by-step process will get your book out into the world in no time.
    • The "You Be You" Process: Sam's UNUSUAL take on Personal Branding will OPEN your world. (Sam was a Personal Branding Specialist for over 10 years, so she really knows her stuff when it comes to communicating your identity!)
    • AND MORE:
      - How to Run Profitable Events and Retreats (Sam made over $100k at her first event!)
      - Grow Your Team: Who to Hire and When
      - Visibility: How to feel comfortable taking center stage. Includes media training.
      - Tech Trainings (all about websites, webinars, autoresponders, etc)
      - Intuition Cultivation and Self-Care: your best tool in business!
      - Taxes and Legal stuff: real answers from real experts
      - Lots more!
  • YOU GET A DAILY TO-DO LIST: Your MONTHLY list of original red-hot "15-Minute a Day Strategies" delivered right to your inbox so you know PRECISELY what to do to build your business, your way, every single day.
  • YOU GET 8 "Anytime/SOS" PRIVATE CALLS: You get four "Anytime/SOS" calls with Sam and four with our Head Coach, the brilliant Leonore Tjia. NOTE: this is the only way you can get private time with Sam, as she no longer offers private coaching for love or money, so this is kinda HUGE.
  • YOU GET A PRIVATE COMMUNITY: Access to a private Facebook community of other gifted creatives, entrepreneurs and global citizens who will cheer you on, provide accountability and support you no matter what.
  • YOU GET VIP STATUS: Special elite access to other programs and offers throughout the year.
    • Write Great Emails 4-Part On-Demand Training ($997 value)
      Sam teaches you how to write emails that are compelling and meaningful. She even gives you the secrets to her "$80,000 Email." That's right - Sam once wrote an email that made her $80k. No joke. She's also won awards for her email marketing, and is a consultant for both Infusionsoft and Ontraport. "This course is BRILLIANT" - E.B.
    • Turn Your Wisdom Into Workshops 6-Part On-Demand Training ($497 value)
      Sam and her Team Leader Leonore Tjia partner to give you the real inside scoop on how to plan, market, sell and run a successful workshop either online or in-person. Tons of practical tips and resources. "This is all great stuff. Makes it real and manageable. Love it." - A.M.
    • Start Right Where You Are 6-Part On-Demand Training ($197 value)
      One of Sam's most beloved trainings designed to help you get over your inner blocks to success and start living more fully right now. A perfect blend of the spiritual and the
      practical, this course was the basis for her bestselling book of the same name. "Very deep, encouraging, and motivating. I love it!" - W.M.
    • How to Make $1k Anytime You Want Webinar ($497 value)
      A MAGICAL system that moves you right past your hidden blocks and old ways of thinking and lands you squarely into a whole new territory of YES I CAN. "I listened to the recording again yesterday and am in awe of your brilliance around this topic!" - D.H.
    • The Near-Legendary Get It Done Workshop 6-Part On-Demand Training ($365 value)
      Sam's flagship course will show you how to capitalize on your own natural creative rhythms, so that you are always working in a state of FLOW. "Should be mandatory training for ALL creative people." - P.S.
    • 365 Club Library - hundreds of hours of exclusive archives filled with information & inspiration ($720 value)
And there's no need to feel overwhelmed by all this content.
You get lifetime access to these courses, so you can check them out anytime.
In fact, the whole system of 365 Club Pro Membership is designed to support you without bombarding you with excess stuff.
You are free to travel at your own pace.
You are free to define success in whatever way makes sense to you.
You are free to create the life and business that bring you the most joy, no matter what.

Still Not Sure?

No Worries.
Your 365 Club Pro Annual Membership Comes With a

365 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We're ready to stand behind our work. ACTIVATE YOUR 365 Club Pro $1 trial right now, and see for yourself. If at anytime during the first year, you don't feel it's worth it, then I don't want your money, and your tuition will be cheerfully refunded. We'll simply have one phone call to wrap up, no hassles, and we can part as friends.
100% Money-Back Guaranteed.



Let's talk about this 15 minute a day thing.


Because you (or someone in your life) might be having the urge to call "bullsh*t" and I don't blame you. It sounds really hype-y.


Let me explain what I mean:


Here's what I've seen happen over and over and over again.


Step 1: Creative Person is stuck and keeps trying to solve the problem alone.

Step 2: Creative Person finally asks for my help.

Step 3: Creative Person commits to some small daily action plan.

Step 4: Creative Person notices HUGE changes happening both internally and in bank account, reputation, opportunities and joy.


It's simple.

But it's not easy.


"But WHAT do I DO for 15 minutes a day???" I hear you cry.


Well, honey - that's part of what we'll figure out together.


After all, this isn't school and I'm not your mom.

YOU are the agent of change.


So you provide the commitment and the decisions and the tiny daily steps and I will provide the guidances, the information, the support, the {{{hugs}}} and the tough love you need to keep going.


I've been doing this work full-time for over 9 years, and I've worked with thousands of creatives, and I've never seen a committed person fail.


Not once.


"But what if I'm not really committed? I've started and stopped so many times!?!?!" I hear you cry.


I don't think you would still be reading this if you weren't ready to change.

I don't think you would even know about this page if you weren't ready to change.


But let's face it: your way of doing things just isn't working.


So let's try things my way for a while.


I promise I won't make you do anything you don't want to do.


(Although I will almost certainly ask you to do things that make you uncomfortable.)


Together we will work - step-by-step - to create a life and a business that you LOVE.


And again - if you begin your membership and find that it's just not for you, that's fine. Just let me know anytime within the first year that you want out, we'll have a conversation about it (because sometimes the urge to quit comes right before the miracle, and also because I'll want your suggestions about how to make the program better) and then I'll refund 100% of your tuition and we'll part as friends, OK?



I look forward to personally guiding you to make $10K (or more!)


If you have more questions, or would like to talk to someone about whether this is really right for you, please just email the team at and we'll get right back to you.


Or you may book a no-obligation 20-minute consult with us here:

REMEMBER: The world needs your art.


Sam Bennett